Records Management

Whether it’s a government agency or a private business—every working entity has to maintain records. For over two decades, Upper Mohawk, Inc. has been helping customers organize, maintain, restore and preserve accurate records.

In past, present and ongoing contracts, Upper Mohawk, Inc. has demonstrated expertise in preserving records’ integrity, equipping organizations for compliance, understanding the significance of specific documents, safeguarding them from future damage, and centralizing their storage.

stack of paper documents

Proven Experience

Since 2002 we’ve worked extensively with Indian Trust documents for the Special Deposit Accounts Distribution Project. We witnessed firsthand what kinds of environments records were stored in, and we provided records management training to the Office of Trust Records. We taught best practices when handling, storing, filing and moving records.

Upper Mohawk, Inc. has been awarded the Conservator Services contract by the Department of the Interior to assist in safeguarding and preserving records created by Tribal organizations, the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Upper Mohawk, Inc. is a trusted ally in all aspects of records management thanks to our extensive experience and understanding in handling American Indian records and documents.