Program Management

Streamlining a company’s multiple projects—with the 10,000-foot view in mind—is at the core of all program management. UMI understands that adding value and growing revenue comes from identifying opportunities in individual projects. As program managers, we ensure that the objectives of each project align with your long-term business goals.

We Want to Surpass Your Expectations

Thanks to years of providing integrated solutions in various Federal programs, we know how to pinpoint gaps, recruit ideal personnel, and set processes in place that create smooth and successful acquisitions.

We dig into all aspects of your current projects—from a thorough understanding of your customer’s needs to supporting you with clear technical and business writing.

business meeting with hourglass

Programs That Are On Time and In Budget

Having a single point-person to manage the entire program empowers your project managers to ensure they’re maximizing your resources and tools. The two most essential resources for many organizations is time and finances. UMI will help to ensure that your services and products are provided on time and within your budget.